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Why Honda CB125F is a great motorcycle

Honda has been producing best in class 125cc motorcycles for decades. The latest model CB125F (or CBF125) which became available in 2021 is the latest installment of an extremely successful product range by Honda.

This latest Honda 125cc motorcycle benefits from Honda's vast experience and decades of improvements in technological excellence, following on from the CG125, the CBF125 and the CB125F generation 1.

These motorcycles have been among the best selling in the world for many years and for good reason. Honda's reliability, build quality, attention to detail and efficiency mean used motorcycles in this market segment remain desirable for many years after their production.

cbf125 engine.jpg

The all new ultra-efficient 125cc engine

Honda has removed 11kg in total from the previous generation's weight, with much of the saving in the engine.

The single-cylinder air-cooled, 2-valve eSP (enhanced Smart Power) PGM-FI fuel-injected engine has been designed tough. But it’s clever, too. That’s why it can deliver smart acceleration and fuel efficiency of 65km/l – giving a potential 800km range between fill-ups.

Honda's technology enables unrivalled miles per gallon and superb reliability.

CBF125 stock.jpg

The attention to user experience.

Top Notch Quality

The latest Honda CB125F is packed with well thought out details which are designed to make the rider's experience better. We will soon be uploading video's and close up pictures. When completed this website will also include a user forum to share ideas and tips on enjoying your motorcycle.

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More to come soon

Supplying the Best Quality Auto Parts

CB125F is a brand new website for a new business which only sells the best Honda 125cc motorcycle on the market. Bear with us as we build this website and look out for more details coming soon.


CB125F is based in Blackheath London (dedicated email to come soon)


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